Your Long Distance Moving Company

Our long distance movers make your move stress-free.

Long distance moving can be complicated. That doesn’t mean it should be stressful. At Gentle Giant Moving Company, we’ve figured out the formula for stress-free long distance moving, and we like nothing better than putting it to work for our clients.

We start with the best available staff and equipment – our own.

When Gentle Giant takes on your long-distance move, whether you’re headed a few states over or clear across the country, every one of our long distance movers who directly handles your goods is a Gentle Giant employee: from the mover who packs up your home theater to the team who sets up your bed so you’ll have a place to sleep that first night. See some reviews of our long distance moving services.

The only other person in charge is you.

We take our direction from your needs, circumstances and schedule. We work up a plan based on your particular situation and our extensive experience, and we see it through ourselves down to every last detail. See a list of tips we’ve developed to prepare for your long distance move.

Yes, long distance moving can be unpredictable. But with our history of award-winning, personalized service and exceptional value, here’s one thing we can predict with confidence: When you trust move to Gentle Giant long distance movers, you’ll be happy you hired us. We guarantee it.


With more than 20 locations nationwide, each home to a full-time team of highly trained Giants, we keep drive-time costs low, and we know the neighborhood.

Why are we the best long distance moving company?

  • We pickup and deliver all long distance moves with a crew of Gentle Giant movers
  • We own and operate our own fleet of tractor trailer vehicles
  • We take the care to ensure a safe and smooth experience for you and your possessions
  • We tackle moves small and large, with any level of complexity
  • We aim to be the best long distance moving company, backing up our services with a guarantee
  • We have 30 years of moving experience which has earned us numerous awards

We also offer complete packing and unpacking services to long distance moving customers and we can assist with in-house moving, such as assembling beds and arranging furniture as desired at your new home.